Jet Set Friday: Ireland

In honor of St. Patrick’s Day tomorrow, I decided to write my first travel post about my trip to Ireland. I have included just a few pictures from the trip, but I will write more about my travels in Ireland and add more pictures from this trip in future travel posts.

In 2010, I decided that I wanted to explore my Irish roots and visit some of my cousins in Ireland. My grandmother’s family immigrated to the United States from Ireland and I have always been fascinated with this side of my family tree.

I spent a couple days in Dublin and the rest of my trip in Ireland was spent visiting my family in Galway. On my last night in Ireland, I traveled to Shannon, and I was given a private tour of Frank McCourt’s old stomping grounds. Ireland was one of the most amazing places that I have ever visited: from the hospitality and jovial spirit of the Irish, to the food, music, culture and history, Ireland will always have a special place in my heart.

This first picture I’ve posted was one that I took outside of one of the most famous musical pubs in Dublin. Its name is The Oliver St. John Gogarty Pub, and it is the first pub featured in the Dublin Musical Pub Crawl. If you ever have the chance to visit Dublin, I HIGHLY suggest doing the Musical Pub Crawl. The musicians are brilliant, giving the most lively performance and telling the history of Irish music in a truly authentic way. Plus, you get to enjoy the live music over pints of Guinness at each of the pubs that you visit. Music and Guinness, the best of both worlds.

I took this next picture in a small town north of Galway. It is a traditional house with a thatch roof, although this particular house looks as though it has had its old thatch taken off in preparation for a new thatch roof. I absolutely love the quaint and earthy feeling of this little cottage!

The last picture that I will share with you is a photo that I took of one of the most beautiful castles in all of Ireland. Kylemore Abbey has a rich history with a very romantic story attached to the beginning of its existence. I will certainly dedicate an entire travel post to this location as it one of my favorite places that I visited in Ireland. Set it the crook of a mountain-side, Kylemore Abbey is possibly one of the most romantic and dreamy places I’ve ever had the privilege of visiting.

Have you ever visited Ireland? Have you ever participated in the Musical Pub Crawl? Please feel free to leave your comments or questions! I hope you’ve enjoyed the pictures that I posted and keep a look-out for tomorrow’s St. Patrick’s Day crafty post!


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