Crafty Saturday: Crayon Shamrocks Tutorial

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

In order to celebrate one of my favorite holidays, I decided to make some simple decorations for my window: green crayon shamrocks!

Please excuse the poor quality of the photos. My wonderful camera broke while I was in Barcelona a couple of weeks ago, and so I had to use my iPhone in order to take these pictures.

I got the inspiration to do these crayon window decorations from Martha Stewart’s Crayon Hearts project.

In order to do this project, you need the following:

1. wax crayons (I used two shades of green).
2. waxed paper
3. an iron
4. two old t-shirts that you don’t mind ruining
5. a pencil sharpener or an x-acto knife (i used an x-acto knife because my crayons were too large to fit in the pencil sharpener)
6. a pencil
7. shamrock outlines
8. string
9. paper clips
10. hole punch (not pictured)
11. scissors (not pictured)
12. an ironing board

First, you need to begin with a piece of waxed paper, folded in half, and then unfolded. Then take your crayons, using either the x-acto knife or pencil sharpener, create shavings on the wax paper. Note, please be careful when using x-acto blades. They are very sharp, and if you are not careful you may cut yourself.

Make sure that your wax-crayon shavings are evenly placed on the wax paper in a single layer. Next, fold the clean (or in my case “cleaner”) half of the wax paper onto the the side with the shavings. Then crimp the three open edges.

Once you have done this, heat up your iron on a medium setting. Place one of your old t-shirts on your ironing board so that it lays flat on the surface. This will protect your ironing board from the wax crayons should your folded wax paper leak during the ironing process.

Then place the wax paper on the first old shirt. Next place the second old t-shirt on top of the wax paper. This shirt will protect your iron. (Martha Stewart uses Kraft Paper instead of t-shirts, but I couldn’t find Kraft paper here in Switzerland.)

The next step is to iron your t-shirt and wax paper sandwich. The trick is to let the iron heat up the wax crayon shavings first by lightly gliding the iron over the shirt, and then give it a little muscle to move the liquid crayon around to get an even coat. It should look similar to this:

Once all of the shavings have melted, let the wax paper cool. Next, trace shamrock shapes onto the cooled waxed paper with a pencil, and then, using your scissors, carefully cut out the shapes.

Using the hole punch, create holes at the top of each shamrock. Then string each shamrock with thread. Attach the free end of the thread to a paper clip (or whatever you prefer to hang them on your window). Finally you can hang them in your window!

Tonight I will be making homemade fish and chips for dinner! And of course there will be a Guinness or two to go along with it!

I hope you enjoyed my tutorial on how to make Crayon Shamrocks! Thanks for visiting and reading this post!

How will you be celebrating your St. Patrick’s Day? Can you find the lucky four-leafed clover in the picture above?


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