Jewelry Monday: Featuring Satya Jewelry

Monday’s aren’t usually the most fun day of the week. Whether its the beginning of your work week, school week, or any other real-life obligation, Monday’s represent the first of 5 days that stand between you and the weekend.

So in order to brighten up the start of your week, each Monday I will be featuring jewelry designers with wonderful jewelry. On occasion, I’ll include tutorials to help get your creative juices flowing so that by the end of the week you’ll be ready to make something great! Hopefully, my posts and their designs will be enough to distract you from the fact that we still have four more days until we can relax.

The first designer that I have chosen to highlight is a company called Satya Jewelry. Started by longtime friends Satya Scainetti and Beth Torstrick-Ward, Satya Jewelry fuses the themes of jewelry and accessories with ideas and notions of positive social change. Drawing from symbols and symbolism in Eastern philosophies, the Satya jewelry line incorporates positive messages in the forms of familiar figures like the lotus flower, the tree of life, Ganesha, and the traditional symbol for Om.

Satya jewelry uses beautiful brushed gold and silver charms on dainty chains, and layers precious and semi-precious gemstones in a rainbow of rich colors. The look of this jewelry line is understated but absolutely gorgeous! Items from this designer can be worn during the day and be used as a nice accent for an evening affair. And with a range of prices, Satya Jewelry can meet any price budget.

Here are a few of my favorite pieces of jewelry from Satya. Please note that all of these images are from Satya Jewelry’s website. These images are owned by them and they reserve all rights to these images. Credit must be given where credit is due!

With an outline of Ganesha over a green onyx stone, this necklace is absolutely gorgeous! 

I love the lotus flower pendant in silver and the use of the blue topaz and aquamarine stones! This necklace is understated but sophisticated!

I would love to own this necklace! It is simple but unique. The faceted aquamarine stone and the little turquoise stone give this necklace a little sparkle!
I absolutely adore these earrings! I love the warm color of the carnelian stones next to the rich brushed gold. These would look beautiful for any occasion!

I love the hamsa symbols in the gold drops, and the green onyx stands out against the gold.

These earrings are the Satya “Simple Pleasures Earrings” in silver.
These earrings, featuring the symbol of Om, are simple but pretty. These could be worn as an everyday pair of earrings!

This bracelet has a great mini Om charm and the turquoise beads are so beautiful.

I absolutely love this gold cuff bracelet! The braided texture makes this bracelet classic and sophisticated.

This bracelet is made with green onyx beads and a singular lotus flower bead. Casual enough to wear every day, but beautiful enough to wear on an evening out, this bracelet is perfect.

This ring is the Satya “Heart of Lotus Ring” in silver.
I love this ring! This lotus flower ring is chunky and filled with details! And this ring also comes in gold!
This ring is the Satya “Harmony Ring” in gold.
This ring is a perfect example of Satya’s simple but delicate designs. The Harmony Ring comes in silver as well as gold. This ring is dainty but makes a big statement!
This ring is the Satya “Aura Ring” in gold.
This is the final piece of jewelry from Satya that I am featuring in this blog post, but it is one of my favorite pieces out of the ones that I shared with you today. The symbol Om represents the sacred sound of the universe which flows through all of us to bring inner peace and harmony. This ring is delicate and simple, but its meaning packs a powerful punch. 
I hope you’ve enjoyed some of the jewelry that I have shared from Satya Jewelry. Thanks for visiting and keep a look out for my future posts!
* Please remember that all of the images that I have posted do not belong to me. They are property of Satya Jewelry, and I claim no ownership rights to them. Please visit the links posted under each photo for a direct link to the jewelry item. 

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