Crafty Saturday: Moss Agate and Snow Quartz Bracelet Tutorial

I have been having tons of fun making my new jewelry for Venture & Roam, and I wanted to share with you a fun little tutorial for a bracelet that I made this morning!

This is a beaded bracelet using a toggle clasp and elastic chord. I used moss agate and snow quartz stones with silver-filled rondelle spacers. Feel free to use any beads you want!

Moss Agate and Snow Quartz Bracelet

What you will need:

  • Beads (I used Moss Agate stones and Snow Quartz stones
  • spacers (I used silver-filled rondelle spacers)
  • elastic cord 
  • clasps (I used a toggle clasp, feel free to use your preferred clasp type!)
  • silver-plated jump rings
  • silver-plated clamshell bead tips
  • pliers (I used all three during the process)
  • glue (I used GS Hypo Cement)
  • small tipped scissors
  • a ruler


Applying a clamshell bead tip to the end of the knot.

 First I measured and cut my cord to be a little larger than 7 inches. I tied a knot at one end and strung on one clamshell bead tip so that its mouth was facing the knot. I then added a small amount of glue and used my flat nosed plier to close the bead tip around the knot.

Stringing the beads.

 Next, I began stringing my beads onto the elastic cord. I chose to add a spacer bead first, then followed by a moss agate bead. I continued the pattern by adding another spacer and then a snow quartz bead.

Finished stringing the beads!

After I strung all of my beads onto the cord, I added the second clamshell bead tip to the chord, the mouth facing the end of the string. I tied a knot closely to the mouth of the clamshell and cut the extra cord. I then applied a small amount of glue and closed the bead tip with my flat-nose pliers.

I stretched the chord tightly when I made my knot so that it sat inside the bead tip when the cord was relaxed.

Here are the two closed bead tips.

After I closed the second bead tip, I opened the two jump rings using my round-nose and chain-nose pliers to delicately open the rings. I attached each side of the clasp to the open jump rings and then each of the clamshell bead tips to the jump rings. I then closed the jump rings. That’s the last step!

Here’s the finished bracelet:

I hope that you’ve enjoyed this tutorial! Please check back for more tutorials, photos, posts and news from Venture & Roam! Feel free to leave comments below. And as always, thanks for visiting!


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