Crafty Saturday: Memory Wire Bracelet Tutorial

This morning I felt like doing an easy but fun piece of jewelry: a memory wire bracelet. This is the perfect project for a rainy day, especially if you want to turn a movie on and just relax while being crafty! Have fun with the different colors, shapes and sizes of seed beads to make your bracelet unique and personal!

Memory Wire Bracelet Tutorial

Here’s what you’ll need:

* memory wire (I used 1.75inch diameter memory wire for a children’s size bracelet)
* seed beads (assortment of colors, sizes and shapes)
* memory wire shears/clippers (do NOT use your regular wire clippers unless you want to ruin them)
* round nose pliers

Measure out the number of rings or coils that you want for your bracelet. I used 5 full coils.
Using memory wire clippers, cut your coil of memory wire. Be careful! Make sure that you keep a hand on each end of the wire so that it doesn’t fly away into someone’s eye (I only took the picture with the shears in one hand and the camera in the other… I never cut memory wire without using both hands!) Also, its best to use memory wire shears to clip your wire because they are stronger and more durable than your regular wire cutters. If you repeatedly use your regular wire cutters, you’ll soon find that your wire cutters become dull and dangerous!
Coils are cut!
Using your round-nosed pliers, make a loop at one end. This will prevent the beads from falling off the end when you start to string the beads.
I prefer my loops to face out. (I also closed my loop more after I took this picture.)
Bead away! Have fun with it!
Make a loop at the other end to finish the bracelet.
Ta da!
Here are some fun children’s memory wire bracelets that I made this morning!

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial! Please visit again and as always, thanks for visiting!


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