Jewelry Spotlight: Love Heals Jewelry

I know that I promised to do this post yesterday, but when Danny and I got home from IKEA last night, our internet was not working properly.

So, here at last is my jewelry post for the week!

This week, I wanted to feature a great jewelry company that has a great philosophy and philanthropic mission. Love Heals was started in California in 2005 and is run by a family team consisting of a mother, son and daughter. This jewelry line uses bright and vibrant stones with natural materials to create a truly bohemian and earthy look. Incorporating themes of nature and good-will,  Love Heals jewelry ties fashion to charity. Every time a piece of jewelry is sold, Love Heals donates money to have 10 trees planted in Ethiopia. In addition to donating to the Greener Ethiopia organization, Love Heals also supports two other charities: Generation Rescue and Vitamin Angel. Love Heals makes philanthropy an important part of its business, making this jewelry company one of my favorites!

Here are some of my favorite pieces from the Love Heals website:

This is the Evoke Hope Agate Bracelet by Love Heals.
This is the Evoke Hope Magnecite Bracelet by Love Heals.
These are the Simple Hope Turquoise Earrings by Love Heals.
This is the Eternal Hope Necklace with red jade by Love Heals.
This is the Winged Vision Necklace by Love Heals.

I hope you enjoyed this (late) post and that you like the Love Heals jewelry! (I wouldn’t mind having a piece or two of my own from Love Heals!)

Tell me what you think in the comments below! And thanks for visiting!


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