Venture & Roam Update: Etsy

Hi Everyone!

So I had planned to put up all of my jewelry yesterday in my new Etsy store, but I ran into complications with the lighting and photographs of my products. (It was super overcast and cloudy in Bern yesterday, and the artificial light that I was using wasn’t bright enough).

I currently have one item in my shop, but I will be putting more things up as the day goes on. I am hoping to put up at least 5 – 10 items today. I also am hoping to make a Facebook page for Venture & Roam, so keep a look out for that too!

I will be doing a short Jet Set post today about a trip that I went on with my aunt in Northern Italy. It will mostly focus on the process of making olive oil (since we were staying at a Frantoio). Check back later for the Jet Set post!

Here’s a sneak peek! Can you guess what this is?:


2 thoughts on “Venture & Roam Update: Etsy

  1. Anonymous says:

    Hey, do you have a link to your Etsy page you can share yet? I tried to search for 'Venture and Roam' on Etsy but I couldn't find anything.


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