Sunday Quote: Marcel Proust

Hi Everyone!

I hope that you had a great weekend! Danny and I went to the Berner Oberland region of Switzerland, where we stayed in a picturesque mountain town called Grindelwald. We had a great time and I’ll be posting pictures of our adventure in my next Jet Set post!

I have always loved traveling. There is something profoundly wonderful about discovering new places and exploring new land. But sometimes, no matter how far we travel or what corners of the world we explore, we cannot truly appreciate the world around us until we open our eyes. I think that Marcel Proust’s quote below beautifully captures this idea.

This is a sneak peak for Friday’s Jet Set post! (I took this while hiking to Trümmelbachfälle.)

 Have a great week and keep a lookout for new posts this week! (I’ll be featuring delicious brownies on Tuesday!)

Feel free to leave a comment in the section below! I always love hearing from you! Thanks for visiting my blog!! 


4 thoughts on “Sunday Quote: Marcel Proust

  1. Samantha says:

    I believe that the mountain in my picture is either the Breithorn or Tschingelhorn (they sit right next to each other).

    I took this picture while walking in the Lauterbrunnen Valley (also known as the Valley of 72 Waterfalls) to the Trümmelbachfälle. Keep a lookout for my Jet Set post featuring this natural wonder! 🙂

    Thanks for commenting on my post and for reading my blog! 🙂


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