Featured Jewelry: Anna Beck Designs

This week I wanted to feature a jewelry designer that has very simple jewelry designs which are still elegant and unique. I first came across this jewelry designer after seeing it at Mulholland & Sachs. There are a few pieces available on their website, however more can be found in the store. Anna Beck Designs incorporates the use of ancient jewelry-making techniques from the Far East to make simple yet visually stunning pieces of jewelry. The inspiration for the jewelry comes from the island of Bali, and the jewelry features beautiful intricate silver and gold-plated elements.  

In addition to the beautiful jewelry, Anna Beck Designs supports the Bumi Sehat charity in Bali. This organization is a women’s clinic which operates financially solely on the donations that it receives. This local charity in Bali helps to provide medical care and attention to women in Bali. For each purchase made at Anna Beck Designs, a donation is made to the Bumi Sehat charity.

Here are some of my favorite pieces of jewelry:

I absolutely love this Beaded Saddle Ring by Anna Beck.

This Dome Skinny Cuff by Anna Beck is simple but still classy.

I love the color combination of the Green Amethyst and Gold in these Chandelier Earrings by Anna Beck.

These Open Drop Chandelier Earrings by Anna Beck are so simple but super elegant!

This Gold Woven Knot Necklace by Anna Beck is my favorite piece of jewelry by this designer!

This Mini Reversible Starfish Necklace by Anna Beck is super cute!

I hope that you’ve enjoyed this featured jewelry line! Thanks for reading my blog!


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