Long Time, No See

A view of the Dubai Marina from our apartment in JLT

After a long hiatus (almost 3 years, but let’s be honest…who’s counting?), I’ve decided that it is time to get back in the saddle and start blogging again. I can’t promise that I will be consistent or write anything interesting, but I will do my best to try. At the end of the day, that is all anyone can really do, isn’t it? Trying to achieve their best at whatever they set their minds and hearts to do.

So with a new city, a recent marriage, and a new hairdo, I thought it was high time to start writing again. 
We recently moved from Switzerland to Dubai after my husband accepted a temporary position within his company for a project based in the Middle East. As a newly married couple, an adventure in its own right, we now have the excitement of living in a completely different environment. I can honestly say that I am excited for this new adventure, maybe even more so than he is at the moment. 
Relocation, especially abroad, presents its fair share of obstacles and challenges. Culture shock can occur no matter where you move (yes, even when moving to Switzerland from the U.S.! Trust me…) But it also offers so many opportunities. Being an expat provides me with immeasurable experience in expanding my knowledge of different cultures and adapting to different ways of life. It gives me the ability to meet new people from all over the globe. It reminds me that I am extremely lucky, and that I ought to be thankful for the life I have been given. It also reminds me that most people are not as lucky in life, and that life isn’t always sunshine and giggles. Ultimately, I think that living abroad as an expat makes me a more understanding, accepting, and compassionate person. (can you feel the warm fuzzies yet?)
I cannot wait to share with you my experiences here in Dubai, reminisce about the last three years in Switzerland, and look forward to whatever the future holds. Life is short, let’s live it well! 

One thought on “Long Time, No See

  1. Anonymous says:

    I definitely feel the warm fuzzies! I commented earlier today on our limited world perspective based on the microcosm of suburban life in the states. To read what you talked about in your last two paragraphs was very reassuring. I think we're all a little envious of your adventures,. . . Kudos to you and your husband!!!


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