Dinner at Pier 7

It’s only the beginning of June, and it’s already reaching temperatures of over 105F during the day here in Dubai. At night, the heat lingers.

While the sun set around 6:30PM, the nighttime air still clings to 100F, and it will only get warmer over the next two months. 
While it is still bearable to sit outdoors before the worst of the summer heat hits Dubai, we are taking advantage of the outdoor patio dining at Pier 7 (www.pier7.ae) in the Dubai Marina. We are dining at the O’Cacti restaurant, one of seven restaurants located within the round tower of Pier 7.
And what a better way to cool down the heat than a with ginger mojito! 
The Dubai Marina is spectacular at night, with the sparkling lights cascading from the skyscrapers, dancing on the waters of the marina as the yachts and Dhows pass by. 

On a Friday night, the Marina is bustling with activity. The the soft lull of music can be heard drifting lazily through the air, often interrupted by the passing by of a yacht hosting a loud dance party. There are plenty of places to eat, but only a few to have cold adult beverages. The restaurants at Pier 7 are lucky to be connected to one of the many hotels in Dubai. As such, they are capable of offering a wide selection of alcoholic drinks. Cue the mojito, please!

The Dubai Marina is definitely one of our favorite areas to have a nice dinner and enjoy the hot summer evenings. With so many options and so many activities, it is never boring in the Marina! 

Life is short. Live it well! 

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