Dust Clouds and Hot Beach Clubs

A few days ago, my husband and I experienced our first dust cloud in Dubai. Strong winds blew dust and sand into the air, causing the sky to have a hazy glow and reducing visibility substantially. While the conditions were mild in comparison to true sand and dust storms, we still felt excited at the prospect of experiencing something so often discussed when talking about living in a desert atmosphere.

Dust in the air over the Dubai Marina & JLT.

The sand and dust floated through the air on the tailcoats of deceivingly warm breezes. On any normal day, you might beg and pray for a light breeze to cool you down in the hot sun and summer heat. During the summer the breeze may feel like a hair dryer or the burst of air that escapes when you open a hot oven, but the movement of warm breeze across your body provides a release from the stagnant hot air that lingers during the afternoon.

But on this day, we couldn’t wait for the winds to die down. Every time the winds picked up, even if it was only a breeze, the dust and sand would swirl through the air, invisible but irritating. The dust flew into our eyes, and our sunglasses offered no relief. The dust found its way into our mouths, the gritty feeling of sand in the brand new layer of chapstick I had applied onto my lips. 

Sunset in a Dust Cloud
But despite the irritated eyes and gritty smiles, the dust cloud left us feeling grateful to witness a sunset that was both eerie and yet incredibly beautiful! The dust cloud refracted the light of the setting sun, and the whole sky was illuminated by a soft yellow glow. 

This past Saturday we went to the Oceana Beach Club on The Palm Jumeirah to spend a day at the pool and beach with some friends. It was well over 100F, and the sun was intensely bright. But after a few hours of bathing in the sun and taking a dip in the cool infinity pool, our final relief from the heat came in the form of a late-afternoon lunch at the neighboring restaurant West 14th (http://west14th.ae). With some cold beer and a fantastic burger (topped with pulled beef), we were left feeling satisfied and relaxed. 

An ice cold Tiger beer
And in case you were wondering about how hot it really feels at the beginning of summer here in Dubai, we had a freshly baked loaf of bread and a pad of ice cold butter served to us before our meal. By the time we had finished our lunch (or most likely before, though we hadn’t noticed considering we were preoccupied with stuffing our faces with burgers) our butter has melted into a runny mess. (And that was under the shade of our umbrella!)

Melted Butter

Until next time!

Life is short. Live it well!



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