Words to Live By: Mahatma Gandhi Love & Peace

This has been a week of triumphs and tragedies in the global community. 
The tragic side of human nature, an embodiment of hatred, reared its ugly head this past Friday. It came in the form of a suicide bomber murdering people praying on the Holy day during Ramadan at a mosque in Kuwait, a terrorist slaughtering tourists while they sunbathed on a beach in Tunisia, and a man decapitating his employer in France. 
These three acts of violence demonstrate just how deep hatred and ignorance can dwell in the hearts of some people. Violent actions should never be considered morally justifiable, and violence is never the answer to solving problems. 
But on the same day as these three tragedies, the triumph of human spirit and love prevailed. The Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) ruled that same-sex marriage is now legalized among all 50 states in the union. Now, any person in the United States may lawfully marry whomever they choose regardless of sexual orientation. SCOTUS has given a decision that validates love, and makes love in the form of marriage a fundamental right for everyone. Love wins, and love will always win.
Venture & Roam: Words to Live By - Mahatma Gandhi Love and Peace Before Power

Love comes in many forms, and love is more than just romance. It can be subtle and quiet, or it can be loud and intense. It is inclusive, caring, and supportive. It can make a person feel like he belongs, and it can inspire compassion towards others. It is about kindness, understanding, and respect.

Gandhi once said that when we allow the power of love to overrule the love of power, we will finally know peace. I think that finding peace goes beyond overcoming the love of power. It requires that we learn to love others unconditionally. We must learn to accept that people come from all walks of life, and often live different lives than the life that we live, and we must love them simply because they exist. This is not an easy thing to accomplish, especially when we witness so much violence and hatred. But it is so important. To live a life of love, it requires that we remind ourselves daily that every person deserves to be loved. But once we start to live with love in our hearts, we can start to find peace in our own lives and peace in the world.

So this week, try to project more love into the world. Be kinder. Be more gentle. Smile. And find peace.

Life is short. Live it well!


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