Happy St. Patrick’s Day – What Saint Patrick’s Day Means to Me

Venture & Roam - Old Irish Blessing, Ireland, Irish Sheep, Irish Field
Old Irish Blessing

Normally I would spend this holiday celebrating my Irish heritage with a nice pint of Guinness at the nearest Irish pub, but this year I will have to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day watching everyone get silly while my baby does a a little jig in my belly. 

I have always felt connected to my Irish roots. My grandmother comes from a strong lineage of Irish from a town near Galway on the west coast of Ireland. Each time I have traveled to Ireland, I have felt a sense of ‘home’. Each time I have left Ireland, I’ve felt like I was leaving behind a part of my soul. 

Venture & Roam - Bahamas wedding, bride and grandmother, wedding photography, taken by Heather Carey Photography
My Grandmother and Me – Taken by Heather Carey Photography

This holiday means more to me than having fun, drinking lots of Guinness and whiskey, wearing green, eating green foods, and wishing everyone the “Luck of the Irish”. Don’t get me wrong, those are all a recipe for having a great time, and I have always thoroughly enjoyed participating in the fun. 

But for me, St. Patrick’s Day is about reminding myself that I come from unique history and culture on my grandmother’s side of the family. This holiday reminds me of the strength of my grandmother’s grandmother, who left Ireland with little more than some change for a loaf of bread in her pocket, and came to the United States to seek a better life and better opportunities (not to mention love). It is a day for remembering that family means everything in life, and that family can be reunited after generations apart and still feel like we’ve known each other our entire lives. 

Venture & Roam - drinking to good health
A long lost cousin in London
Venture & Roam - a long lost cousin in Galway Ireland
Another long lost cousin in Galway, Ireland

So on this day, join in on the fun. Drink, tout your green clothes, and enjoy the lucky day. Raise your pint and remember that this day is also about celebrating a long history if the Irish people. Sláinte


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