Roam Around the World: A Love Affair With Boston

Venture & Roam: Hello Boston, neon Boston sign, blue neon

Dear New York,

I’ve been seeing Boston for the last three days. It has been a magical experience, and I’m not sure that I can continue to remain faithful to you. With all of the rich American history, quintessential brownstones lining the streets, cobblestone paths, and the charm of small-town USA in a city, I’m pretty sure my heart is now divided between the two of you. I can no longer claim that you are my favorite city in the U.S. 

It’s really not you, it’s me. You’re great! You have your own amazing qualities that make you special, and I’m looking forward to seeing you over the next few days. But I can’t seem to get Boston out of my head. I hope you understand. 

Don’t get me wrong, I’ll always be a New Yorker at heart. But there is room in my heart for Boston. Maybe a lot of room. So please don’t take this the wrong way, but I’m having a love affair with Boston, and I have no intention of giving that up. 


Yours Truly.

In all seriousness and sincerity, Boston has captured my heart. I can’t believe that it has taken me this long to visit such an iconic city, and my life has been forever changed. Not only have I received a dose of patriotic spirit by exploring historical sites that I loved learning about during my American History classes, I’ve also rediscovered the charm of the New England area. Despite the bitter cold of a sudden snow storm, there is something more warm and welcoming about Boston than there is in New York City. 

We began our trip on Saturday with a walk around the Boston Commons. It was rainy, but that didn’t matter. We met up with my oldest college friend Hillary, her husband Scott, and their baby Anya. It was so nice to catch up with them and finally meet little Anya. And my, oh my, what a happy little baby girl! 
After walking around the city, we all found our way to a little Italian restaurant called Fiore in the North End of Boston. As we ate our delicious gnocchi, pasta, and antipasti, we laughed and joked about the finer things in pregnancy and parenthood: leg cramps, nausea, poopy diapers and constant spit-ups. It was comforting to talk about pregnancy and birthing fears with one of my best friends, and I think it calmed my nerves (and husband’s too) about bringing a little baby into this world. 
We finished dinner and walked to the iconic Mike’s Pastry for some cannolis before heading back to the hotel to relax and have some quality snuggle time with Anya. We laughed about all of the fun times we had at Syracuse University. It was so nice to spend time with Hillary and her family, and I hope that it won’t be too long until the next time I see her. 
The next morning we woke up to a snow storm that lasted until mid-morning. We took the Hop on Hop Off Trolley around the city, and we enjoyed the sights of Boston from the comfort of the heated trolley. I was in awe of the old historic buildings nestled in the shadows of the modern city offices.

Venture & Roam: Quincy Market near Faneuil Hall in Boston
Quincy Market near Faneuil Hall

Venture & Roam: Lobster Merry-Go-Round Seats near the Quincy Market
Lobster Merry-Go-Round Seats near the Quincy Market

Venture & Roam: Lobster Roll with Sweet Potato Fries at Joe's American Bar & Grill
Lobster Roll with Sweet Potato Fries

We hopped off near the Quincy Market and met one of my oldest friends, Kayla, for a little lunch at an American eatery called Joe’s American Bar & Grill. I finally had one of New England’s most famous eats, the Lobster Roll. After lunch, we walked to the Boston Tea Party Ships Museum, and had a blast participating in a mini reenactment of the Boston Tea Party. With lots of huzzah’s and a few fie’s, I volunteered my husband and myself to speak two lines during the “town hall meeting”. I’m not sure that husband was thrilled at the idea of acting in front of a crowd of strangers, but he was a good sport about it and really put on a show. 
After the show, we stood on the starboard of the tall ship docked in the bay, Kayla and I tossed the replica (canvas-covered cube of styrofoam) tea box into the water. I felt exhilarated at the idea that I had recreated a simple act of non-violence which had ignited the American Revolutionary War. No taxation without representation, huzzah! 😉 
My husband and I parted ways with Kayla in order to finish the last few stops of the Hop on Hop off tour, and we hiked our way up to the top of the Battle of Bunker Hill Monument. We were too late to walk up to the top of the monument, but we had a great view of the city from the hill. We made our way back to the hotel afterwards to relax before heading out to dinner at Koreana with Kayla and our friend Stephanie. I hadn’t seen Steph in ages, so it was nice to catch up on life. We said our goodbyes, and then husband and I headed home for some much needed sleep. 

On Monday, we woke up to another snow storm. It’s been over a year since we’ve seen snow, so I can’t actually complain about all of the snow flurries and icy wind. Having grown up in Cleveland, this weather makes me feel at home. We began our morning by following the Freedom Trail, a route paved in the ground which takes tourists on a self-guided tour of some of Boston’s, and arguably America’s, most historic sites. Husband and I popped into the Old Granary graveyard, whose famous residents include Samuel Adams, Paul Revere, and John Hancock to name a few. 
Next, we toured the Old South Meeting House, the site of the town hall protest that sparked the fateful Boston Tea Party. It was a much larger town hall than I had expected, and it was clear to see how a crowd could become easily agitated in a open setting like that. 

Venture & Roam: Old South Meeting House in Boston, Boston Tea Party
Old South Meeting House

Venture & Roam: Inside the Old South Meeting House, symbol of Freedom of Speech
Inside the Old South Meeting House, symbol of Freedom of Speech

Afterwards, we made our way towards the site of the Boston Massacre, and I stood there silently taking in the old cobblestone circle compassed by a brass ring which marks the site where 5 colonial men died by the hands of trigger-happy British soldiers. 

Venture & Roam: Site of the Boston Massacre
Site of the Boston Massacre
We continued our tour of the Freedom Trail all the way to the North End to visit the Paul Revere House, the home of the midnight rider. I was pleasantly surprised by how warm it was inside the old wooden house, and I found it fascinating to see the restored and renovated living quarters of one of America’s most famous Revolutionaries. From the fireplaces to the restored wooden beams of the house, each square foot of the Paul Revere House inspired a vivid imagination of the colonial lifestyle. It may not have been glamorous, but it was probably a good life in its simplicity. 

Venture & Roam: The Paul Revere House
The Paul Revere House

Venture & Roam: A Stained Glass Window from The Paul Revere House, purple glass, blue glass,
A Stained Glass Window from The Paul Revere House

We made our way to Beacon Hill, lined with iconic shops sporting hand-painted signs (no neon lights allowed here) and gas-lit street lamps. We walked along the street, lazily peering into the windows of boutiques. Husband and I continued our journey through the Public Garden in Boston Commons and boarded the T, taking the Green line to Boston University, husband’s alma mater. We ate a delicious and incredibly inexpensive meal at Super 88 Market near BU’s campus, and then headed back to the hotel to rest before packing our bags for the airport. 

Venture & Roam: Make Way for Ducklings Statue covered in snow and wearing spring hats in the Boston Public Garden
Make Way for Ducklings Statue covered in snow and wearing spring hats in the Boston Public Garden

Our trip to Boston may have been short, but it left me feeling like I had experienced so much in such little time. I feel more deeply connected to my roots as an American, and my patriotic pride is overflowing. I fell in love with the beauty of this city, and I now dream of the living in the brownstones that line the streets of Boston. I love the laid-back nature of Bostonians, and the way that the historic nature and patriotism of this historic city is reflected in the community. Each person I interacted with, whether it was the Hop on Hop Off tour guide or the girl at Peet’s Coffee Shop, was friendly and helpful. Boston is definitely a city that I plan on visiting time and time again. 
I hope you’ve enjoyed this adventure, and keep an eye out for the next stop: New York City!

Life is short, share in the adventure!


5 thoughts on “Roam Around the World: A Love Affair With Boston

  1. soto44123 says:

    I love Boston too. That city is rich with history and beautiful sights to experience. It certainly has earned it's reputation as a great vacation spot. I have a wish list of places I'd like to visit again,…most of them are in Boston.


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