Perfecting My Crafts: Intro to Sewing Lesson Part 1

With a baby on the way and only 11 more weeks until she is due to arrive, I figured it would be a great time to start picking up a fun hobby or two before life gets real… baby real.

Last week I took my first sewing class, and oh boy was it an adventure. I’ve always had a slight interest in the idea of sewing, but I never took the interest “seriously” until about a year ago when I ran across an inexpensive sewing machine at the Ikea near our home in Switzerland. On a whim, I bought it.

Venture & Roam: My Ikea Sewing Machine
My Ikea Sewing Machine

The sewing machine sat in our home relatively untouched for months (I did attempt to sew a patch onto Husband’s work pants) until we moved to Dubai, where it sat some more (about a year). It wasn’t until I found a class through a little craft & sewing shop near the Burj Khalifa that I decided I better make some use out of my impulse buy.

I arrived at my class a few minutes late thanks to the notoriously bad rush hour traffic in Dubai and my horrendous parallel parking skills. Frazzled, I began to set up my little machine and all of my class materials. The class had already started and the three other women were busy learning how to thread a bobbin on their high-tech Brother sewing machines. I started to add my thread to the bobbin on my little Ikea machine, and surprisingly it was much easier than I thought it would be.

In the first class, we learned how the sewing machine works and how to do basic stitches. We learned how to make a French seam, which looks pretty clean and tidy, and we learned how to sew different shapes. Two and a half hours whizzed by so quickly! I couldn’t wait for the next session.

Venture & Roam: learning how to make a french seam, sewing class
French Seam

Venture & Roam: French Seam, Fabrics, Learning to sew
My French Seam and Some Other Fabrics

During the second session this week, we learned how to gather fabric, serge seams, and sew basic rolled hems. I discovered that I really enjoyed making button holes. I hadn’t thought that I would like sewing as much as I did, and even though my little Ikea sewing machine didn’t have all of the bells and whistles as the Brother sewing machines, it proved to be a trusty little companion. Another two and a half hours flew by, and now I cannot wait for the third and final session.

Venture & Roam: Stitch Samples from Craftland Sewing Class for Beginners
Stitch Samples from Class

Venture & Roam: Gathering Fabric, Sewing Gathered Fabric, Rolled Hem Seams
Gathering Fabric, Sewing Gathered Fabric, Rolled Hem Seams

Next week, we’ll be putting all of the skills together that we’ve learned in order to make a zippered bag. I cannot wait to see how my final project turns out, and I’ve already started to look at the other sewing classes available through Craftland. I can’t wait to make so many things with my Ikea sewing machine!

Venture & Roam: Craftland Workshop Inspiration Board, sewing projects, inspiration,
Craftland Workshop Inspiration Board

Venture & Roam: Craftland Project Samples, sewing samples, sewing projects, sewing for beginners
Craftland Project Samples

Venture & Roam: Craftland Quilting and Applique Samples, appliques, quilting, flowers, round
Craftland Quilting and Applique Samples

Check back next week to see my final project!

Are you an avid sewing enthusiast, or a beginner just like me? Share your stories below!

Life is short, share in the adventure!


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