Perfecting My Crafts: First Projects Sewing Class Part 1


After taking my first Intro to Sewing class, I couldn’t wait to start the next class! I signed up for the First Projects class, a two-part series that focuses on making one item per session.

In the first session last week, we made a pillow complete with a zipper and piping. It was surprisingly easy to make, though I did find it difficult to attach the zipper to the pillow.

At 32 weeks pregnant, I felt that my Ikea sewing machine was too heavy to carry to class so I rented one of the store’s Brother sewing machines. I almost wish that I hadn’t rented one because I can’t look at my Ikea machine in the same way!! The store’s machine was so smooth and wonderful, that I didn’t even notice when I sewed straight through the middle of my zipper teeth! I certainly have my eyes set on a new machine, but I think I’ll wait until my skills get better before I invest in an expensive machine.

To make the pillow, I cut two pieces of fabric into squares measuring 42cm per side. I use a 40cm zipper, and I picked out lime green piping. After sewing the piping onto one side of the pillow, I added the zipper. Next I sewed the other side of the pillow onto the zipper, and completed it by sewing the two sides of the pillow together. Finally, I turned the pillowcase inside out and stuffed it with an inexpensive pillow from Ikea.




I’m pretty proud of my first pillow! I was so proud, that I brought it to work to show off to all of my coworkers! I love the fabric that I chose, and I think it will look so cute in the baby’s room! Hopefully I can get some use out of it when the baby comes.


Have you ever sewn a pillow? What did you find most challenging?

Life is short, share in the adventure!


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