Perfecting My Crafts: First Projects Sewing Class Part 2

Last week I took the second part of the First Projects Sewing Class at the Craftland sewing shop in Dubai. I was surprised to discover just how easy it is to make a drawstring bag in less than two and a half hours!

Venture & Roam: DIY Drawstring bag, sewing with rickrack, sewing a drawstring bag

We began the class by preparing our fabrics, materials, and sewing machines. I had three fat quarters of different printed fabrics, some silver rickrack, silver cord, and light blue polyester blend thread.

I cut the fabrics into the coordinating sizes for the main fabric, the top edge, and the lining. Next, I sewed the rickrack to the fabric using a regular topstitch. Once all of the panels of fabric had been assembled, I sewed the edges of the fabric together, leaving three inches at the lining open. After turning the fabric inside out, I passed the cord through the fabric where I had sewn the channel for the cord. Voila, the bag was finished!


Venture & Roam: DIY Drawstring bag, sewing with rickrack, sewing a drawstring bag

Venture & Roam: Adding rickrack to a drawstring bag, sewing rickrack

Venture & Roam: Assembling the fabrics in order, sewing a drawstring bag

Venture & Roam: laying all of the pieces together before sewing the drawstring bag

I rented the really nice Brother sewing machine again, and I think that my bag shows how a nicer machine makes a big difference in the way the final sewing product turns out. I was really impressed with how nice my stitches looked and how even my seams were sewn.

Venture & Roam: The final project, the drawstring bag

I’m looking forward to my quilting class during the first week of June, but in the meantime I’ll be practicing my sewing on my little Ikea Sy sewing machine.

Have you ever made a drawstring bag like mine? What did you find was the hardest part of sewing your bag?

Life is short, share in the adventure!


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