Monday Mantra: Believeland and Never Giving Up

We finally did it. After patiently waiting 52 years for a championship title in Cleveland, Ohio, the Cleveland Cavaliers came back from seemingly unbeatable odds to win Game 7 in the NBA playoffs.

As a Clevelander, my heart swelled with pride and adoration for the team that brought this title to our hometown. For my entire life, I’ve waded through the sea of jokes made at my expense over being from a city that couldn’t win. My motto, like that of over 2 million others, was “There’s always next year.”

But in what can only be described as an intense, nail-biting, heart-racing, put you on the edge of your seat kind of game, our King James along with Kyrie Irving and the other merry men led the charge against the Golden State Warriors and arose victorious.

Now, I can finally say “This was the year!”

I have a lot of pride calling myself a Clevelander. I was born in the Greater Cleveland area, and I have watched my city and my sports teams struggle with the adversity of loss. But despite this, our city has always remained hopeful and faithful. No matter how slowly it took us to get to this win, we never gave up hope.

Venture & Roam: Cleveland is Believeland, Confucius quote about never giving up, the Cavs win the Championship Title

In the last few years, there has been a huge effort to revitalize our city, to breathe new life into a city that has seemingly been laying dormant for over 5 decades. But for those of us who have been here our entire lives, we would tell you that there has always been life here.  From the East side to the West side, there is an unbelievable amount of culture and diversity in our city. We have amazing restaurants, an incredible art museum, a world-renowned orchestra, historic areas that show the grit of the American dream, and people who would do anything to protect this city.

I may live halfway around the world now, but I will always be a Clevelander at heart. And despite unexpectedly having to travel from Dubai to Cleveland to finish my pregnancy and deliver my baby due to medical reasons, there’s a part of me that is happy that my baby will be born in Cleveland.


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