Monday Mantra: Celebrating Independence Day!

Today has become synonymous with family barbecues, fireworks, and s’mores. The 4th of July represents our pride and nationalism in the United States, and it allows us to celebrate the freedoms that we have in this country.

But Independence Day is so much more than enjoying a few hotdogs on the grill, enjoying a cold beer, and watching a thousand exploding fireworks in the night sky. If it weren’t for the brave actions of our forefathers, who drafted and adopted the Declaration of Independence 240 years ago, our nation as we know it might never have formed. The actions of the colonial men and women who rose up against the oppressive rule of the British government sparked a revolution that changed the fate of our country. We ought to be proud that they stood up for their rights, and that they banded together to make a change.

In a time when we are suffering from a divided political culture in the US, it is important to remember, especially on today of all days, that we are all Americans. So cross the party lines, share a few cold ones, and enjoy the freedoms of our nation. Above all else, remember to be grateful that because of the actions of our forefathers we have the right to Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness!

Happy Independence Day!

Venture & Roam: Declaration of Independence Preamble Quote, American Flag, Happy 4th of July!



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